The Humble Museum Research Center is a place for community members to perform genealogy work, or to look through Humble area resources such as yearbooks, newspapers, etc.







The genealogy library has been provided by The Humble Area Genealogical Society and includes genealogy resources from across the United States. 

There are various newspapers from the Humble Museum's collection, including copies of the Humble Echo, Humble Observer, Tribune, and more. Some of these are physical copies present in the Research Room, and there are also scans of other issues located on the computers.

There are several hard copies of Humble High School yearbooks in the room, and there are scans of roughly 900 yearbooks from all Humble ISD schools (provided through the Humble ISD Digital Archive).

Many other documents related the Humble's past are in the room, and more are being added all the time.

The catalogs for each collection can be found on the Catalog page.

To protect the resources, visitors must follow these rules when using the Research Room:

  1. The room will only accommodate three researchers. It will be "first come, first served."

  2. Bags, purses and laptop bags are not allowed in the room. There are lockers for you to store the items in the staff break room, but you will need to bring your own lock.

  3. You may only bring a laptop and a few sheets of paper into the room. There are two desktop computers in the room for public use.

  4. Do not mark in or on any of the materials in the room. Only pencil can be used in the room (no pens, markers, etc.)

  5. No books or other materials may be removed from the room.

  6. There is no copy machine, but you may take pictures with a camera or a cell phone.